Pirates of Penzance (1997)

The Pirates of Penzance, arguably Gilbert and Sullivan’s most popular comic opera, became a wonderful medium for the collaboration of much of the extraordinary artistic talent that the South West had to offer. From the Musical Direction of Marguerite Monagle and Arwell Jenkins, to the choreography of Barry White, the designing talents of Julie Parsons and Tom Puglisi and the amazing cast of talented performers,  this show vibrated  with colour, energy, humour and beautiful music.

One of the memorable highlights of the show was the magnificent opening scene, when, with the expert guidance of the South West SES, the Pirates all absailed from every corner of the theatre into the pirate’s den. This was the first time this exciting opening had ever been used in this production. This show will always be remembered fondly by all of those played a role in, and saw, this fantastic production.

 Rob Hill