Gordon Tayler – Bunbury


Letter to the Editor:

On Saturday night I had the extreme pleasure of attending the Vivace Choral Concert at St Boniface Cathedral in Bunbury. Vivace is an offshoot choir of the much acclaimed South West Opera Company, that reforms every year or two under the masterful musical direction of Mr Arwel Jenkins.

Accompanied by some of the best orchestral musicians in the south-west, the 50 plus strong Vivace choir gave a superb performance of baroque works
by Haydn and Handel. In the past I have often been in the orchestra itself, but on this occasion as an expectant member of the public, I had a very different experience. And I was not disappointed.

The powerful and engaging ambience of live choir and orchestra in what has to be the best acoustic musical venue in the south-west, was overwhelming to say the least – absolutely enthralling from beginning to end.

The sensitive solo work by Gabrielle Chadwick, Rob Littlewood, Elspeth Binckes and Tony Martin, all dovetailed superbly into the more powerful and penetrating Vivace chorus work – the soaring sopranos, the steady middle voices of altos and tenors, and underpinned by the rich tonal strength of the basses.

It all noticeably impacted on myself in a deeply physical and emotionally joyful way. Live classical music does indeed carry healing energies that are hard to quantify, but they exist all the same – I expect all those present were enriched by the experience.

Well done SWOC, Vivace, the musicians, and especially the MD and conductor Arwel Jenkins.

Gordon Tayler – Bunbury